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Zombie Rollerz android is a zombie pinball game This magical land is in trouble! After a mysterious tremor, the zombies have begun to rise up from the ground with one goal in mind – destroy the Princess and the Kingdom! All that stands between peace and total destruction are a bunch of unknown heroes who must come together to bring an end to the zombie apocalypse. Will you be the one brave enough to help our heroes out?

Play with and meet amazing characters such as the fiery Benjamin, the frosty Ursula and the incredibly funny Choplin the Clown, they will always entertain you. Whether you are combining skills or watching the pinballs destroy a screen full of enemy zombies, there will never be one dull moment in this game.

Zombie Rollerz Features:
· Zombie Rollerz is a fusion of American arcade pinball and RPG.
· This awesome 3D game implements clever checkpoints with an evenly balanced difficulty.
· Its simple geometric shapes allows for infinite strategies and skills to be implemented.
· Choose whatever tactic suits you, as long as you defeat all zombies.
· It’s brains over brawn in this game!

Languages supported: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish

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