Warship Sea Battle PVP Android

Warship Sea Battle PVP Android download

Command your vessel, aim at the enemy ship, fire them to death and win the battle!

This is a fierce 3D Warship Sea Battle game where you need to beat your opponent and win!
Gain your gold by sinking your opponent, buy and upgrade your invincible battleship, and dominate the sea!

Game Features:
◆ 3 types of warships: cruisers, destroyers, the main ship;
◆ Warships have six grades, a total of 24 warships;
◆ Generous reward system, log in to the game every day can be rewarded;
◆ Global leaderboard showing you the rankings of players in the world;
◆ Suitable for Android 4.0 above all mobile phones;
◆ No WiFi, no problem, can enjoy the game offline.

◆ Left joystick control battleship move onward or backward, or left and right steering;
◆ Sliding the center of the screen to move the standard;
◆ Click the telescope button, zoom observation enemy ships;
◆ Click the Shoot button to launch a ship cannonball.

Sea battle war is coming! Thousands of enemies are coming!

Ready to sink the enemy to dominate the ocean yet! Come and fire!!!

Genre(s) : Arcade
Require internet connection : YeS
Size : 25 MB
Date Released : 2018-01-30
Platforms: Android
Developed By : UPIROGE
Requirements: 2.3 and up

Google Play download URL:

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