Vikings (by BYV)

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Viking is a cruel Scandinavian warrior. Favorite Viking weapons are axes! You can cast them on enemies and split their skulls!

This is very simple – just touch the screen and pull to aim and release to throw the ax. One good shot is enough to push the opponent off. And there will be many of them! Among them are archers, armed swordsmen, and even magicians.
Therefore, to destroy them, axes are available for every taste in the game store, as well as various shields and helmets that defend against the magic bullets and shells.

In addition, the player mode is implemented in comparison to the player.
Each player is on his tower and you have to hit the ax with your opponent before they split your skull with your ax.

And do not worry if you die during the fight … in the end Valhalla is waiting for you after death !!! *

We wish you a good game!

Download Vikings (by BYV)

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