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Toy Soldier Siege is an action Tactics Battles team Multi-player Matching, Cautiously move around the rooms loaded with danger. Stay alert and check every spot where enemies may hide. Find out the most effective tactics and equip with the best gears. Toys soldiers will try their best to keep peace of the world!

Attack and Defend. Lance and Shield. Would you like to ambush the Special Force squad with AK-47, or breach terrorists’ stronghold with M-16? Join either side to have different fun.

Simple manipulation is enough but your intelligence is required. Not many skills are provided but various tactics are available.

Game Features
Quick Battle
The single battle lasts for 3 minutes. Start the battle any time and any place!
Enjoy the unique game experience which intense and exciting tactics battles bring for you!

Tactics Battles
Complicated and quick manipulation is not required here. Make full use of your intelligence to win the battles.
Experience the special battle featured by shadows, visual field, and information.
Utilize character’s skills and various tactics to battle your opponent.

Multi-player Matching
Participate in 3V3 multi-player real-time battle together with players across the world.
Battle with your allies against the opponent.
Win the battles and challenge the rankings! You will become the champion!

Various Characters and weapons
Collect various characters to experience the same battle in different ways.
Collect and select weapons for your characters to create your unique characters.

Network connection is required.
Note: The game is free to download and install, but you need to spend real money to purchase items in the game.
If you don’t need that, please turn off “In-app Purchase” in device settings.

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