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Time Quest Heroes of Legend Android this entertaining RPG

When genius Nikola Tesla has an explosive accident in his lab, you’re hurtled into the time stream with him and his pet pigeon, Penelope. With the help of a team of historical figures like Cleopatra, Marie Curie, and Teddy Roosevelt, you must collect the pieces of Tesla’s time machine to get back to the future before it’s too late! Develop your team’s skills, spells, and abilities to fight mutinous pirates, furious barbarians, psionic seers, gods from Osiris to Odin, and monsters from the Kraken to Cthulhu! Fight to be the best, strategize to defeat your enemies!

Strategic class-based gameplay featuring heroes from throughout the ages
Craft and trade armor and equipment to strengthen your team of adventurers
Battle with and against legend’s greatest warriors in a full story mode
Test your skills against other time travelers with real-time PvP and guild battles

Play as one of nine leaders: Teddy Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, George Washington, Sacagawea, Montezuma, John Henry, or Chiyome Mochizuki.

Recruit historical heroes like Cleopatra, the druid queen Boudica, and King Arthur, or fight alongside villains like Blackbeard and Anne Bonny!

This roleplaying game spans across eons, combining elements of cyberpunk and fantasy into an entertaining, irreverent story. Explore the multiverse, battling spell-casting ghosts, laser-shooting werewolves, and paranormal enchanters. Travel from the past, where you’ll fight occultists and barbarians, into the future, where apocalyptic wastelanders vie for dominance with cyberpunk beasts. Cast spells, defeat monsters, collect treasure, and craft items.

Fight in four eras, add new heroes to your team, defeat new monsters!

Fight with Julius Caesar to defeat barbarians and their berserker chieftains, face Anubis, Horus, and Osiris, and look out for the ghost of Anubis!

Help King Arthur’s defeat the evil enchanter and his army of wizards and occultists. Bring the battle to Queen Boudica, ruler of the druids, in a daily quest! Come face-to-face with armed skeletons, enraged monsters, ghosts, and demons!

You’ll need the help of Blackbeard and his fellow pirate Anne Bonny when you encounter otherworldly sea creatures and their malevolent master!

See the ruined wreck of Tesla’s lab, and figure out who’s left it in such a state. Warning: you will run into some cybernetic werewolves, so better make some new friends fast! And they better bring their lasers!

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