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♪ How to play STACK BIRDS 2018 ♪

▶ Easy to play, but addictive more than ever! ◀
Touch a screen to help the bird stacks up!
Everytime the bird is stacked, they will sing a song.
Stack it as high as you can to make lovely harmony! But don’t forget about it!
All the birds have to be stacked as concering the balance! Can you guess what it will be happened when the balance is crumbled?
The birds are falling down from the stacks and the game will be over! Of course, your music will be not played too!

So let’s stack it not only as much as high but also well balanced~

▶ Enjoy various and famous music! ◀
Choose your favorite music and enjoy it while you stack the birds!
Cute birds and fantastic music! Who can hate this combination? (웃음)
Also, you can adjust difficulty by choosing the songs that you play!
Heal your mind by playing this lovely game!

▶ Challenge your limits by playing INFINITE mode! ◀
Yay! Who want to enjoy the speed? Who likes something hard to get? whos the challenger?
Are you? Stack the high-speed birds and make your best score! Beat others all!
Invite your friends and compete with them! Be the winner of ranking!
It’s hard to be win at competition, but worth to do!
Ah! Don’t miss the rewards you can get in INFINITE MODE! You can get double rewards and special birds!
That’s why all the stacker want to clear the song and play infinite mode!

▶ Collect many cute birds and stack it toghether! ◀
Collect coins and purchase some birds!
you can set it to be show on your game and of course you can stack it too!
if you have been looking for D.I.Y game, you come to the right place.
STACK BIRD 2018 is healing game you can make by your own!
Set the birds you want to stack and choose your favorite song.

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