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▶ Ultimate total fight begins!
Now kkeot I did not see a gun games optimized for mobile!
Mobile scramble in the evolving state of the Republic of Korea is a myth Special Force FPS!
Easy aiming, please exit now scrambling to strike a sense, the Special Force evolved into an overwhelming scale that!

▶ Shanghai map Stay! I feel a real Special Forces! Real-Time PVP]
Special Forces captured the popular online map Stay! Shanghai real time enjoying mobile PVP!
Operation of a new way of evolution for mobile is easy to move, the aim is sharp! Head shot hit!

▶ Please defeat the giant bosses with your team! [Cooperative missions;
The overwhelming scale to enjoy mobile! This class size and other powerful giant boss appears!
Note skill ruthless bombing of the boss! Combined with the strength of four persons team, please defeat the boss!

▶ consoles like fun! Various main bosses appear! [Story Mode]
High quality graphics and various main chapters by type of boss appeared!
Using drones and special weapons that are found in various places, please advance to the enemy!

▶ Put yourself in the day of the week a special mission! [Special Mission;
Every other content! Breakthrough, sniper escape missions, base defenses, raid mission!
Do not be satisfied with mere PVP / PVE mode! Enjoy a wide variety of content each day of the week!

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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