Secret life your neighbor

Very simple in its plot, the plot becomes deeper as the character gets into the house and the ending, which is neighbors – the game will let you put it all together. Extraordinary puzzles, which require moving convolutions. A game that not only entertains, but also develops the gamer’s intellectual abilities.
Enjoy in this game: bright realistic graphics, unusual puzzles, increasing in complexity as the game progresses, unique characters that will not leave anyone indifferent, mysterious neighbors music, smoothly unfolding plot.

At the beginning the player is in a new house and realizes that his neighbor is hiding something. The game is divided into three logically completed plots, each of which complements the other two.
The first two acts of the game – more serve to warm up the character and open a look at the childhood of a neighbor. The third act is connected with the adult life of the character, in it the puzzles become complicated, and the house itself becomes unusually large.
Decisions on how to get into the house, you accept yourself. Artificial intelligence of a neighbor will not allow the protagonist to easily penetrate his mansion. The hello secret neighbor will interfere in every possible way, instructing traps on the paths that have been traversed earlier.

In this chilling, complete mystery neighbor game, you will need to find out what your neighbor is hiding. Before you – a thriller, with cartoon graphics and nice instrumental music, which will help you better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of secrecy. The main task of the player is to get into the neighbor’s house and find there necessary things that will help to invade his basement and remain unnoticed at the same time.
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