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San Andreas Gangster Prison by Tag Action Games
A third person shooter (TPS) game made to challenge smart brains who know how to take challenges. Action and thrill game for those who know what freedom is. Freedom aint cheap and you would get to know it in this game. Once you are caught, you are held and no one could help you.
You were sentenced to a 14 year prison jail for a crime you never did. You knew you were innocent but court sent you here. In this maximum security prison jail you are worst then a pet animal. You are treated like a waste and you are handled like a crap. Prisoners make friends in the jail and this makes a network for them to escape at a point in time.
Here you are champ! You are fed up of the jail life, its wall, its security, humiliating police and their k9 dogs won’t let you live normally. Special trained dogs can eat you in no time. Do your best and use your stealth skills to grab and kill the guards. Jailers have the keys to the main doors which are made of steel and have double ultra-security lock system. You have to be in shadows. Walk in shadows to escape the radars and sensors. Escaping is a tough as escaping from death.
– Amazing 3D environments
– Addictive gameplay
– Challenging missions
– Multiple weapons
– Escape missions
– Stealth skills usage
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Download San Andreas Gangster Prison – Android

San Andreas Gangster Prison – Android Download