Realms Of Arcana MMORPG 2018 Android/iOS

Realms Of Arcana MMORPG 2018 Android/iOS download

Realms of Arcana is a MMORPG 2018 the highly anticipated epic western fantasy MMORPG, is now available on Google App Store! The game is rich with many features: Deep character progression, equipment crafting, hundreds of costumes, mounts and followers, guild battles, PVP Arenas and many more. Using the newest Unity3D engine support, explore a magnificent handcrafted world. “Realms of Arcana” is an ideal MMO RPG mobile game you can ever ask for.

– A Vast Open World To Explore
A world of many different kinds of environments inspired by Japanese art style. Each location is beautifully handcrafted to inspire players to explore the mystery and beyond the unknown.

-Equipment-Based Appearance
Hundreds of gears equipment combination will change your avatar’s appearance. Equipment comes in 5 different rarity colors for different combinations. Each equipment will change your avatar’s appearance, bringing to over thousands of permutations! Each equipment comes with random attributes that will guarantee endless customization.

-Dazzling Fashions
In their adventures, players can collect different costumes to change their avatars’ appearances. Fashion costumes come in different sets and are interchangeable anytime and anywhere. Be it as a sailor girl, the frog prince, or the seductive demoness. Anything you dream of, you can become.

-Strong and Loyal Followers
No heroes should ever travel alone. Visit the taverns where followers are waiting to be recruited. You may find followers with strong combat prowess and variety of skills to assist you in your quest. Remember, they will never forsake you.

-Novel Kinds of Mounts
Different kinds of mounts ranging from land birds, unicorns, and steel stallions are available to choose from. They will not only shorten your travel time but also add to the fun in your adventures.

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Genre(s) : Role Playing
Subcategories : MMORPG
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size : 662 MB (Apk+Data Download)
Date Released : 2018-02-04
Platforms, iOS and Android
Developed By : Hoolai Game Ltd
Languages : English
Requirements: 4.1 and up

Google Play download URL:

iOS Games (iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch) :
App Store Link :

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