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The is Amazing Free Racing Games Speed Traffic- Racing Need

Drive a sports car and enjoy the most authentic speed racing game!
Race in speed traffic to get the final victory!
Use your skilled drifting skills to pass through the middle of your opponent and complete the thrilling overtaking!

Game features:
☆ A variety of dream luxury cars, waiting for you to choose:
11 top performance sports cars can choose, come and drive them to conquer the stadium!
Use the high-fidelity real racing engine to record the roar of the motor perfectly into your car to meet your senses!
☆ Various racing new upgrades:
12 colorful spray paints can choose to customize your exclusive racing car;
After each game, your car has varying degrees of damage, you need to use parts to maintain your car, to ensure that in the next game will not be anchored;
The performance upgrade system improves the maximum speed, acceleration, acceleration time, and nitrogen performance of the car.
☆ More game modes and levels can challenge:
4 kinds of game difficulty: beginners, standards, experts, masters. To unlock the difficulty behind, you need to score more than 95% of the difficulty to unlock;
Each mode has 4 maps, each map has 4 game modes: classic racing, checkpoint mode, elimination mode, boss mode;
☆No need to play online, play at any time:
All modes and levels can be played offline, not limited by the network and geographical, anytime, anywhere, want to play and what to wait, come and download experience!

High-Speed Traffic – The demand for a car racing game will bring a more perfect visual experience, running wildly and sprinting!

Genre(s) : Racing
Subcategories: Racing Games Free
size: 51 MB
Date Released : 2018-04-09
Platforms: Android
Developed By : Roaring Fun
Languages : English
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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