Qbertium : Maze Ball Runner Game

Qbertium : Maze Ball Runner Game download

Qbertium is Maze Ball Runner Game. We appreciate any feedback on reviews to make it better.

Are you ready to take a break from the ordinary life in a new amazing world? Perhaps you could just help the ball to get out of the maze.

The universe of Qbertium is not like what you’ve seen before. It contains a bunch of unique worlds, each of them has its own maze. And… all you need is to find a way out.

It will not be an easy thing to do though. The ball constantly gains speed, the maze is not plane and even more dangerous threats are waiting ahead.

The game is a mix of different genres: ball-rolling, runner, puzzle. In short, this is a ball-maze-runner.

Landscapes of different worlds look great. Every maze has its own unique setting.

Thanks to the rhythmic tracks, you can fully penetrate the tempo and enjoy the speed of the ball.

Just swipe … Quick swipe.

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Qbertium : Maze Ball Runner Game Download for free