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Adapt the classic comic story! Collection of diverse original role in the adventure, inherited the glorious history of Pengge Le head, with a sense of freedom of match-line play against the pleasure of blood, stunning style allows you to stop.
Log in the game immediately send a large number of props, senior guardian, rare equipment, super good free to receive!
Perfect integration into the guardian to develop, box weapons, treasures and other exciting games are played!
The most powerful PVP, the most shocking of the PVE, to experience and the blood of the bloody battle it! Fighting for the family, the limit BOSS, absolutely bite! PK in the end, come fight it, leader! Your guardian has been ready to go, not to come to the bad guys gorgeous blow!
[Game Features]
— — reproduce the classic
powerful seiyuu lineup, authentic voice
— — relive the memories of
all the people for the Mafia clan fight
— Features — copy of
the ring battle for exposure to two dimensional world
— Features — fighting
fetters punch cool experience to combat a sense
— — four camps
over many partners you with any amazing lineup

Flame burning forehead, in order to partner to grow! The leaders of the second element, let us start the strongest mafia glorious journey! The ring engraved with our time!

[Contact Us]
We are very happy to help you solve any problems encountered in the game, please contact us
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official fan group: .yahgame


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