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In Pixwingu you have an unusual opportunity to plan a plane using a full range of moves. Fly with biplanes, jets and even a dragon in a beautiful cartoon world. Try to complete the stages as soon as possible or totally relax in the “Freedom & Freedom” mode.

“Pixwing reminds us that flying is great fun”
– Pocket Gamer

“I can not wait to fly on these worlds”
– TouchArcade

“Popilotuj pixelated virtual plane”


Pixwing will change the way you think about arcade flying forever. The unique control mode of the entire body allows full rotation of the own axis. Your device becomes a window to another, beautiful saturated with vivid colors of the world. Play as you like, overcome time challenges, shoot airships or just fly and explore.



Using gyroscopic control, you will spin right and left, up and down. PixWing calculates even the number of calories burned in this way. Of course, you can always use the touchstick control or steer the plane like a racing wheel.

Graphics in Pixwing are a symphony of vivid colors. Flying among jungles and volcanoes is pure pleasure. Visit the surreal Aztec ruins or the city built on a flying island. Choose your favorite airplane, or maybe a flying car or some other creature, Pixwingu is not lacking.


A good balance allows everyone to have fun in the game. Regardless of whether you only want to quickly see the whole game or unlock all episodes and planes.


– Achievements and Leaderboards
– High quality retro music

Download PixWing (by Greenlight Games)

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