Nekra Psaria – Puzzle Escape [Android/iOS]

Nekra Psaria – Puzzle Escape [Android/iOS] download

Enter the unique world of Nekra Psaria. But be careful, this weird puzzler might make you go insane! Your generator is dead, so no electricity, so NO TV FOR YOU! Luckily, you might be find objects lying around to get you out of this jam. And this also might give you nightmares. Escape an underground cell, only to find yourself in a spooky forest… and it just gets stranger from there.

Unique art style, creepy atmosphere, addicting story, interesting weird puzzles awaits you!

Genre(s) : Adventure
Subcategories : Puzzle, Escape
Require internet connection : No (Offline)
Size : 30 MB
Date Released : 2018-01-31
Platforms, iOS and Android
Developed By : playchocolate
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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