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A long time ago, long before our world was created, lived four goddesses.
In their temple hidden amid the clouds, in the company of their faithful companions, their role was to regulate the whole universe by directing sacred stones on a plateau. Each of their actions changed destinies.
Alas, one day, a bad manipulation gave birth to a curse which transformed the divinities into statues. Prisoners, they could no longer fulfill their mission…

Now it’s up to you to restore balance! Your duty is to move one mystical stone after the other to its destination. If you do, the spell on the goddesses will gradually dissipate.

Be smart and make use of strategy, or it will be chaos!

Features of Mystical Stones:
– Measure up to the 200 available levels
– Free the 4 goddesses from the curse
– Get yourself out of difficult situations with solutions
– Rally all companions to your cause
– Try to accomplish all the achievements
– Compare your progress to other players with the world rankings

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