Moto Race: Traffic Racing – Android

Moto Race: Traffic Racing – Android download

MOTO RACE brings you one of the most satisfying traffic racing experience in the heart of postapocalyptic world! Head out and race as fast as you can to become the best rider! Bike racing, top speed, traffic jam and world exploration! Bike racing games for boys and girls! Play free against crazy bike riders in a postapocalyptic world! Race the traffic and complete driving challenges! Jump on your racing bike and ride across the streets of the abandoned city! Make near traffic misses and test yourself in the different conditions! Never forget that riding a motorcycle can be fun, but it can also be dangerous! Streets are full of other insane drivers – they can bother you!

– FAST high-performance MOTORCYCLES
– Challenging RACES among other RIDERS
– Enjoy EXTREME 3D visuals
– HARDCORE challenges
– Upgrade TOP SPEED, engine and gain additional time and health
– Choose from popular MOTORBIKE category: CHOPPER, CROSS or SUPERBIKE
– Different weather: DAY, SUNSET and NIGHT!
– Dominate ONLINE AND OFFLINE opponents!
– Additional bonuses in CASH Mode!

Looking for the best free racing games with a motorbike? It’s top motorbike race game for your disposal! Have you ever dreamed to ride a motorcycle in real life?

Great! It’s about time to test your skills and decide on the motorcycle category you would choose – extremely fast superbike, epic chopper motorcycles or modified high-performance versions of off-road motorcycles!

Feel the speed! Every bike has its own individual extras: total lives, near miss bonus, high-speed bonus or wrong way bonus. This chopper motorcycle driving simulator sets you on a traffic racing rampage across the States.

Top games for boys and girls! Moto Race is setting the new standard within traffic car and motor racing genre. Enjoy extremely impressive graphics and experience high-octane bike riding!

Discover well-designed and full animated dash and speedometer! APOCALYPSE – in the middle of an apocalyptic city!

Go to the garage and select one of the high-performance motorbikes. Tune your vehicle and customize its appearance. Choose your favorite body color and slap on some well-designed decals! Give your rides your own style.

Increase your motorbike’s speed, breaking level and add extra lives – these will all have a definite impact on your bike’s performance. Wasteland await! Be careful! There can be water on the asphalt track – there is an option to lose control on your motorcycle! Race with your friends from Facebook or Twitter and get moto racing fever!

Invite them and play any time you want! Jump on your motorcycle and take part in a selection of motor racing challenges! Become the fastest moto rider on the abandoned streets of the city.

Millions of other players will compete for the top ranks. Race the traffic and complete the challenges to climb to the top of leaderboards! Nobody said that traffic driving would be easy!
“World of illegal races awaits for you.

Race in different modes on dangerous asphalt tracks. Show your rivals that you are the best in real competition with amazing speed. Ride your bike among beautiful post-apocalyptic buildings in high-tech cities, take unbelievable turns! Real moto and bike racing will convince players to install and play.

Unique moto riding model – like bikes, not cars or buses or planes – allows gamers make feel real speed on asphalt tracks! Prove your skills as the fastest bike rider!

Are you a motorcycle games fan? Download Moto Race and play top moto race games now!”

It’s about time for the ultimate traffic racing test! Moto Race is finally available on Google Play! Find your way to conquer the traffic in the post-apocalyptic world!

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