Monkey King : Havoc in Heaven ARPG [Android/iOS]

Monkey King : Havoc in Heaven ARPG [Android/iOS] download

The State War Monkey King ARPG of Westward Journey in SG&MY

Join State War with Thousands of People
Fight against enemy state with your state members, carry out the amazing state war with thousands of players!

– Multiple Weapon Systems
Four kind of weapons, including long stick, bow, knuckles and twin blade, available for players. You can switch weapons freely during the fighting without the limited of classes.

– Summon Heroes from Three Worlds
Collect the animas, summon heroes, and upgrade the heroes to have your strongest heroes! And Summon them to assist in fighting!

– Various Combat Modes, Battle anytime anywhere
Act like God of War in 1v1 Arena, and slash with your fist in the Wild PK. Various PK modes are await. Just beat them up!

– Four Classes for Your Selection
Four classes, including Naughty Monkey, Dragon Lady, Bull Demon and Jade Fox can be selected. Each one has his merits and features. You can choose ranged or melee, attack or defense as you wish.

– Hundreds of Fashionable Wings and Attires
Hundreds of fashionable wings and attires are available. Choose what you want and show self-style!

Genre(s) : Role Playing
Subcategories : ARPG
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size : 369 MB (Apk+Data Download)
Date Released : 2018-02-04
Platforms, iOS and Android
Requirements: 3.0 and up

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