Download MIRACLE MAINLAND for Free

“Miracle Mainland” is a competitive mobile game build with the top 3D engine. It has original 3D map, guilds and camps confrontation, perfectly support team battle for more than hundreds people; Even has more than thousands of weapons, skills system, gods system, cool battle wings system and fashion system. It can be called a really PC game which can be play on the phone.

【Feature of Product】
Feature one: Flash! Flash! This is a game which pursuit of the operation. Using flash to chase or escape will test your wisdom. How could you choose the 3000 + kinds of the combinations of control, blink, damage skills?
Features two: Totally different virtual world. Players will play their favorite roles in the virtual world. Here are cruel camp confrontation, fighting between players , also has beautiful friendship and love; You can not only equip the wings to ride in the battlefield, but also can ride mounts travel the world.
Features three: Exquisite 3D images, rich game events and massive free rewards. Free players cooperate with his parters also can have a place in the game!
Features four: Wonderful casual game. There are a variety of life skills. You can forge your own fit equipment. Also can plant and fish in the farm and give them to your favorite people. In this place, everyone can find the fun they want.

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…