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Miracle – ARPG Android/iOS download

Miracle! 미라클 is a real-time Action RPG manipulation!

A combination of two generic skills and one ultimate skill to produce a real-time than fight!

About game
■ Be called the Liberty hero of many countries to save the world from the chaos of the priests!
Tanker, fighter, ranger, caster, healer, supporters of six distinctive classes
I can not draw the comparison with a monster game out!

■ Enjoy a full voice scenario!
Famous actors appointed en masse!
An interesting story that goes with full voice!

■ Enjoy a true real-time combat action!
Avoid directly control the attack of monsters, held a powerful sweep gunggeukgi!
Naija smash the enemy into the ultimate skill that explosive anger!
When the battle cry jemat technical name! More thrilling skill voice!

■ Strengthen the party in various farming!
Collect and enhance the various equipment items and combine the best party!
Feel the pleasure of cute and full of personality pets collected with great character

■ breathtaking battle with huge bosses!
Be confrontation and armed with overwhelming intimidating bosses!
To strengthen the party through a variety of means, it referred to fend defeat the boss!
Funny harmonious miracles of control and Farmington!

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Genre(s) : Role Playing
Subcategories: ARPG
Require internet connection: YES (Online)
Size: 620 MB (Apk+Data Download)
Date Released: 2018-05-25
Platforms: Android
Developed By: Hazard Games
Languages: Korean
Requirements: 4.2 and up

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