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Lost Zone is a SLG strategy conflict! Blood War PVP the story background

On January 1, 2058, an unknown giant ship landed on Earth and began an undifferentiated nuclear attack on the Earth. The gathering place of various civilizations around the world was destroyed in an instant. Until the ship’s energy was exhausted, it disappeared above the dome in a big bang. The surviving people began to climb out of the ruins and announced the arrival of the world of waste. Three years later, the world is full of ruins, and human life is worthless. As the protagonist of the power engineer woke up from the hospital bed, a new battle for survival is about to start! Only those who have resources can survive!

[game features]
–charge! Contradiction between good and evil, vying for limited resources
After the end of the world (3 years of wasteland era), in addition to the three remaining forces: the light of dawn, the blood of darkness, and the free people, there are also mysterious unknown organizations-elements. In order to survive, all major forces do whatever it takes. Competing for resource land, where are you going to be in this world of good and evil, white or black?

– Shock! Doomsday Science Fiction Battle of the Jedi
Perfectly reproduce the world view after the end of the world, the game uses high-precision and meticulous original paintings, so that the doomsday battlefield full of science and technology is truly presented! Players can drive a variety of riots, brave battlefields, and experience the immersive world of battlefields.

– Crash! V8 blasting
The game adopts SLG strategy to develop gameplay, through the game’s multiple battle copies and camp system, etc., to cultivate a special-purpose capable car, with a powerful attacking explosive attacking vehicle, occupying the defensive type of the key position of the formation, and using the gain skill to help the team. Auxiliary chariots, according to the event to deploy vehicles with different attributes, ensure that each level is perfect for Samsung clearance, and compete with other survivors for resources!

–conflict! Blood War PVP, cross-service ladder
Real battlefield battles, for their own justice! For the glory of the guild! High-strategic battles at a fast pace are life and death, let us fight in the wasteland world! Prove with strength, you are the strongest survivor!

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