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Lightdread It’s a turn-based puzzle game.

A player needs to spin the roulette to make Karena safely reach the destination.

1.What is “Sunshine”?
The main character Karena, a little girl, who comes from an underground city that has no idea what “Sunshine” is. She is an apprentice librarian of the “Lightdread” city library. One day, she obtains a fragment from a book by surprise.
With the guidance of the fragments, Karena found a man who’s against the will of the government. By exploring the ancient secret chambers, she gradually unravels the mystery of the unknown light.
2. Make your move.
It’s a lot like chess. Move Karena as a piece, one move in each turn.
The player can spin the terrain like roulette, and it’d also affect the objects on it.
You’d encounter various resistances as you play, such as the attack of the assassins, falling off the cliff, or arrows shot from nowhere… etc.
So, think twice before you make your move.
Eventually, reaching the center of the map.
3. Something New.
We want to create a different grid from the usual grid type puzzle games, by turning it into a roulette. Featuring some specially designed terrain, lighting, distinctive buildings and delicate objects. Hopefully, that every player would go through all these challenges and embrace the unexpected ending.

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