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Infinite Demons Android is an endless battle game for android

Powerful demons have been released from an ancient world and you must find the 28 artifacts to destroy the Evil King.

Play with your finger or your brain, whatever fits best for you.
You will also have a dragon to help you fight and collect gold while sleeping.

Infinite Demons Features:
Step 1 – Let your dragon collect your gold while sleeping
Step 2 – Try different mode to enjoy the game
Step 3 – Capture demonic gods to finds some answer about the hidden artifacts.
Step 4 – Learn how to use skills from your pets and destroy the demons once and for all
Step 5 – Bring friends and build a guild to join the legion matches
Step 6 – 30 Totems will be available to help you to discover those Artifacts
Step 7 – Discover the 28 Artifacts to Kill the Evil King!

The evil king becomes more powerful every day, you must hurry and start your adventure now!

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