Hello, Mr.BIG [Android/iOS]

Hello, Mr.BIG [Android/iOS] download

Hello, Mr.BIG by MoglooGames . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)

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🙌A casual sim game based on “Gulliver’s Travels”🙆
You are THE SECOND GIANT to wash ashore on Lilliput more than 300 years after Gulliver came to this land of little people. Travel among a wide variety of villages and complete your own heartwarming story to restore prosperity to Lilliput.

Select from among your Blueprints to construct any Building you want.
Collect all 52 Blueprints and upgrade the Buildings to make them even more beautiful and efficient in 3 different forms.

Summon cute animal Masters to your village.
Masters improve Building production, and they can even stop to chat.

Villages will grow rapidly as you complete the quests given by the Chief and the villagers!
Earn even better rewards by giving brilliant answers to the Masters’ questions.
You can even exchange quick greetings with the villagers you meet.

Select from among a variety of towns with diverse landscapes including deserts, icy lands, whale backs, hot air balloons and more.
Bring your earphones! The beautiful background sounds, set to match the scenery of the villages, add further enjoyment to gameplay.

👍Other Game Elements
The Carnival hosted by the Chief’s Wife at the top of every hour is the biggest attraction in Lilliput.
The mysterious Totems created by Gulliver before he left Lilliput run on electricity and increase village productivity.
You can save village pictures to an Album and upload them on social media whenever you move to a new village.

※ Notice
▷ Gameplay requires network connection.
▷ Basic game play is free to enjoy, but certain items can be obtained with real money. In addition, the game includes ads which offer free items.

※Want to know more?
– Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/HelloMrBIGgame
– Customer Center : https://hellomrbig.zendesk.com

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