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Goblin Defenders : Towers Rush Android download

Goblin Defenders Towers Rush neat example of good old tower defense genre. Build and upgrade towers, battle with endless hordes of trolls, orcs, wizards and other dangerous enemies.

Defend your Kingdom, become the epic hero of all time! Your wit and your troops will become your best support in this intense strategy game.

And goblins will be your loyal companions. They will teach you the path of magic and the path of the hammer. The rush of enemies will no longer be your problem! Battle your way to victory!

– Enemies are coming from every from every direction! Rush your troops into battle like you never did!
– Dozens of unique creatures to compete and destroy: orcs, trolls, wizards, spiders, ghosts and many more!
– Three levels of-of difficulty. Make your way to victory as easy as you want. Chill out in the easy casual game or play the ultimate hardcore epic strategy. It’s up to you!
– 7 unique towers with 3 levels each! Upgrade and destroy!
– 10 amazing maps and landscapes. Your kingdom is really beautiful! Defend it against your enemies!
– Unique Music on every zone (musician and composer Nikita Barey)
– Bonus levels, secret upgrades, survival mode and many more!


Build a nice defense for your kingdom, buy upgrades for your towers, plan your support line, prepare your strategy and victory is yours! Of cause, it is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of different upgrades and upgrade strategies, you can’t rush into any decisions. And your enemies are not piece of cake either. Their wizards prepare to cover the battlefield with magic, trolls are ready to smash your troops. Can you defend your realms from the real threat?
Prepare yourself for epic defense! Support won’t come! You are on your own! Go!

Genre(s) : Strategy
Subcategories: TD Games
Require internet connection: No (Offline)
Size: 64 MB
Date Released: 2018-04-18
Platforms: Android
Developed By: Red Machine
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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