Gargantua Alpha – Spaceship Duel Android

Gargantua Alpha – Spaceship Duel Android download

If you like Spaceship Strategy , Duel, Space Battle, SF, Gargantua is your game! Destroy, Adapt, Challenge!

Operate various spaceships.
– Choose your favorite ship. From agile destroyers to gigantic battleships.
– 30 and more ships. And more coming.

* Duel against powerful enemies in an intense real time space battle.
– Beware of your foe. Don’t underestimate their strength. You can be destroyed by a single well placed volley.
– Outsmart your enemy. Intercept missiles, Absorb damage with your shield, Evade railguns.

* Improve and customize your own spaceship.
– 300 and more modules.
– Select your favorite weapon. Use Railgun, Plasma cannon, EMP, Laser and more to obliterate your foe.
– Defend yourself with Point defense, Shield, Sub thrusters, Repair crew and more.
– Equip and use various Items, Improvements, consumables.

* Make tactical decisions.
– Strategy is all that matters. Gain advantage against your enemy and improve yourself.
– Search wrecks for loot, scan your surroundings to find enemies, harass your adversary with long ranged attack.

* Play through randomized Universe
– Complete various missions and travel through space. Cleanse the area, do a reconnaissance mission or assassinate a powerful Elite.
– The galaxy is full of hazards and anomalies. Adapt to drastic environmental changes, such as Radiation storms or Dust clouds.
– Test your skill and luck. Make your way through unexpected situation.

* Compete with other players through the Leaderboard.
– Leaderboards are divided into multiple fields.
– Find your own strength. You may be the best warrior, or the most skilled survivor.

Genre(s) : Strategy
Subcategories : Space Battle
Require internet connection : No (Offline)
Size : 92 MB
Date Released : 2018-02-04
Platforms, iOS and Android
Developed By : Ovidiu Pop
Requirements: 4.1 and up

Google Play download URL:…

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