FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike

FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike allows you to fight sniper stealth missions against your enemies in the realistic battlefield environment. Be one of those top shooters to find the gangsters hidden in strategic locations. Upgrade to higher guns from our huge arsenal of assault rifles to hunt your enemy in different parts of the combat zone. Each level of the game becomes challenging with increase in enemy snipers.

Watch out for enemy base with the help of mini map for survival and completing the mission. Destroy enemy bases from a helicopter and always equip yourself with Rifles, grenades, Medi kit to refill the health to survive till the end in .
It’s time to grab your guns to explore your professional shooting skills and win against the gangster mafia in FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike.

FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike Game Controls:

– Upgrade to higher guns and use deadly grenades
– Touch and slide the screen to aim at and kill the enemy
– Get a close up look with the help of sniper mirrors to kill enemies
– Move around by using joystick.Download FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike for free
Free download FPS Counter Attack – Critical Strike : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timuzgames.fpscounterattack