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Evilborne – Zombie Rizen is action Fight against armies of zombie, the age of the last fight has come.

In this zombie shooter game, you play for a young guy called Jeffrey Evilborne, one of few people who managed to survive this terrible attack and defy the forces of evil. Despite his frightening name, he was not borne by the evil but by good. Don’t give up just because the danger is around every corner. You need to do your best to survive and rescue as many other survivors as possible. On your way, you can collect different artifacts and use them to create useful objects in your workshop. Find hidden places and earn even more money and items. Fight against waves of monsters and zombies in the arena to improve your playing skills and earn coins.
You’re about to dive into the world of picturesque scenery of Asian nature, strong and dangerous enemies, hidden locations and lots of weapons and ammunition.

Evilborne – Zombie Rizen Features :
★ 10 chapters with professionally made locations and levels
★ 18 models of weapons
★ Different accessories
★ Crafting. You can create new items and money by collecting different materials and artifacts dropping out of enemies and destroyed objects
★ The systems of achievements and rewards. You will gain money for many different things like winning bosses, collecting artifacts, time spent in the game, completing special tasks, or even watching rewarded ads
★ Everyday bonuses, and other features allowing you to earn in-game money for free
★ Robots, accelerations, protection and health potions, helping you pass hard levels
★ Beautiful animated game world map from where you can select levels you want


If you have any trouble or you have found a bug in the game, please, contact us at zombierizen@gmail.com.

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