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The world’s first mobile game to explore the national strategy: “Black Dragon and the Angel” is a magical SLG national war strategy game which integrates exploration, urban construction, and national warfare. Six countries compete for hegemony, attack the city, unify the country, who is Legend of the king? Endless exploration, the king showdown, open 33 arms, heroes develop, hundreds of skills with free, infinite possibilities, fun!

◆ ◆ Map Exploration Four Major Races Open 33 Large Arms◆◆
◆◆The six countries fighting for hegemony 运 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 ◆◆◆
◆◆Names to develop hundreds of skills Flexible collocation Unlimited possibilities◆◆
◆◆Citadel Construction Tuen Pace Grains Heroes Plus Arms Promotion ◆◆
◆◆Encroaching on the land and plundering the land to enter the palace

“Black Dragons and Angels” is an SLG strategy mobile game based on orthodox Western fantasy as the background of exploration, collection, national warfare, and alliance. As a king in the game, you need to summon the heroes of ancient Greece and lead the tribal racial soldiers to form a powerful force. Through their own growing territory, they will upgrade their territories and train loyal and brave troops to perform expeditions for their highness.

Your Majesty the King, please wear your armor and get ready for an unknown journey! !!

Six game features:

◆ ◆ Map Exploring Five Races Open 33 Large Arms◆◆

Map exploration is a major gameplay for Black Dragons and Angels. While experiencing the fun of exploration, you can also open new arms and get a lot of resources. In the process of playing, we must discover as much as possible the precious resources hidden in the corners of the map. The vast field maps, sophisticated and careful design layout, require players to explore and discover themselves. (A qualified explorer will certainly not forget to search for clues around you)

◆◆The six countries fighting for hegemony 运 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 决 ◆◆◆

The national war is also a key game for Black Dragon and Angels. When the player level is in the 5th level, it will open the national warfare activity. Players can choose the country according to the system recommendation, and they can also choose to join a country by themselves. , Collaborate cooperatively, ride the battlefield, resist the enemy, occupy the city, and start your great cause of reunification.

◆◆Names to develop hundreds of skills Flexible collocation Unlimited possibilities◆◆

This time, dozens of Greek Ares are open for you to dispatch. You can train them carefully. The influence of the training of military commanders on combat effectiveness is very important. Players can upgrade their ranks by upgrading their ranks, stars, magic skills and talents. Attributes to improve combat effectiveness. Heroes currently have three qualities of openness, blue herons, purple heroes, and orange heroes. Each hero has 1 random fixed talent skill. As the hero star promotion will open more skills, each hero can equip up to 5 skills. Nearly 100 heroes, more than 300 kinds of skills, for you to mix and match, to create their own lineup.

◆◆Citadel Construction Tuen Pace Grains Heroes Plus Arms
We are waiting for you in Black Dragon and Angel!

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