Don’t Stop Digger 2: Digger Game Android

Don’t Stop Digger 2: Digger Game Android download

Don’t Stop Digger 2 is most best Digger Game on Android ,

The peaceful and friendly village of The Digger.

In the aftermath of the Teeth flower, the Diggers saved all their comrades who had been trapped in the ground and built an outpost deep in the basement.

But after finding countless tooth flower eggs hidden deep in the ground, they decided to move to a deep cave where people don’t look for them to escape from the threat of the Teeth flowers.

First of all, four of the town’s the Diggers who are recognized for their abilities started moving the eggs to the ground, but The Queen Flower sensed this and started following them.

A ・Clicker game with cute designer character.
・ It is easy for game beginners to play.
・ The higher you go, the more maps you’ll see.
・Various characters and elevators can be collected.
・Continue playing without restriction
・Free to enjoy all

Recommend to such a person
・I like playing simple games.
・I like retro games with cute ambiance.
・ I would like to play games without paying for it.
・ I want to collect various characters.

Tips for Digger Game
・It has to climb quickly, avoid blocks with left and right touches.
・ The more you climb, the faster the queen’s tooth flower follows, so don’t relax!
・ Getting a random box out of the game and getting a buff can be a big help to gameplay.
・ Get coins, collect elevator, and perform skill up with various skill types.
・ If bad luck fails to rise, it is possible to view and paste a coin or ads

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