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Demon Tuner / Android Gameplay HD (by Gravity Infosoft)

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Demon tuner is the adventure game with some simple task.As a demon hunter you have to kill the demon who will stop the player to reach the destination.Its a object puzzle games with action flavor.

o Unique game play
o Discover the casual controls that make amazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone even for kids.
o Hunt the monster or demon to reach the desired place.
o Find the object is the primary Target to move to the next level.
o Amazing animation for the demon.
o Detailed visuals with stunning graphics which bring adventure sence.
o Special objects will only viewed and can be found once the current one collected.
o Detailed map to find the objects
o Different theme for different level
o Lot of basic gun weapons and advance weapons.
o dark mysteries of ancient times
o Easy but advance control
o Clear concept of task
o Fight with primeval demons and need to kill them
o Option to collect the ammo

Download Demon Tuner

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