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DANCEVIL is a new concept of a game you’ve never seen before!

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Produce your own music video and share the dance, music, character and background you created!
Enter the world of DANCEVIL to experience a whole new game genre!

Tired of all the same games?
Need something new that can give you a thrill?

DANCEVIL android offers you unique stories, background and characters to decorate!
You can even produce your own music and dance!
Play now DANCEVIL to become a star loved by numerous followers with music videos you created!

Be the best dancer game of DANCEVIL, a world dominated by rhythm and dance!

– DANCEVIL Features –

1. Create any move you want!
– Incomparable to the existing games where you were limited to doing only certain moves!
Move the character however you want with simple taps to create any dance you want!

2. No music, no dance!
– Produce your own music with numerous instruments!
Simply tap buttons to produce cheerful music!

3. Be a star with your own music video!
– Share music videos you produced with your own dance, music, characters and background!
You can share your music video not only on DANCEVIL but also on other social network services!

4. Experience a new way of communication at Dancevision!
– Leave star ratings and comments on music videos of others!
Try becoming a follower of dancers you like!

5. Give lessons to get the License Fee!
– Don’t feel like creating your own dance or music? That’s fine! Just learn dance and music from others and use them to produce your own music video!
You can also get the License Fee when someone else learns your music or dance!

6. Pick the best music video!
– Contests are held every season with new topics!
Enter the Contest with a music video you produced or cast a vote for a music video you like!

7. Unique stories of a unique world!
– Enjoy various stories of the world of DANCEVIL!
Time will fly when you talk to a variety of characters and hear their stories!

DANCEVIL is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

* Language support: français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文 and 日本語.
* This is a singleplayer game. When deleting or initializing the game, please use the data backup/restoration service in options.

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