Chop Sushi Turbo Edition Android

Chop Sushi Turbo Edition Android download

Chop Sushi android is Challenging when you can test your reaction

If you like to crunch, munch, crack the seafood AND test your reflexes AND satisfy the urge to punch your head through, this game is for you!

Beat the records and unlock new mighty sushi-choppers! Be careful though – not everything should be gulped! But as our champion, Chuck Nori, says: ‘There is always more to chew from’.

Challenge your puny friends and show them who chomps the fastest, hardest and most destructible way!

This game is easy to play, but difficult to swallow!

Chop Sushi features:
– different sushi destroyers, including Kim the Dim Sum Fing,
– A lot of food to feast upon,
– did we mention a lot of crunching, munching, chomping, and chewing?
– Coins! Yes, there are coins!

From the studio that gave you Createrria (TM), Crowdy Farm (TM) and Super Hero Fight Club (TM) comes the quick, fun game about sushi-chopping WITH YOUR HEAD!

Download the game and enjoy hilarious animation, strange sushi types, devastating headbutts and more! If you have some ideas, you can send us feedback (, we will appreciate it!

Thanks to everyone for the support!

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