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Real Catapult Castle Crush is a Latest Free Arcade Game with Realistic Physics!!!

catapult adventure is captivating game, where you have to knock out evil knights using a catapult. Play catapult castle crush and enjoy the tower defense and strategy mechanism with role playing (RPG) elements. Catapult is war game that takes you back in time of medieval wars in a hostile scenario. in this fighting game use catapult and help the stickman to defend his castle from the siege weapons of the rivals.

Crush enemy castles, military mechanism and siege towers to complete the missions. This Catapult Real Challenge has a simple intuitive control and very simple to do this. Just tap on screen and pull the charge catapult and select the tension force. Simply drag and drop your finger to launch the projectile into the enemy.

Use catapult, bow, arrow and spear to fight but don’t forget to use all your fighting skills to defeat each enemy standing in your way. Check different ammo for your catapult including bombs, stones and fireballs. Become real medieval stickman hero and use all weapons wisely on each level or you are never going to pass it. Use fewer moves and get high score for each successful struck rival.

If you like Arcade and casual games or medieval war games, then you will love Catapult Real Challenge. DOWNLOAD now, take a breath, aim the target and crush down rival castles. Enjoy endless fun and complete all challenging tasks.

Slingshot King Features:
Real Time Arcade Game
Wonderful Graphics and Multiple Fighting Location Scenes
The game has lots of levels and types of shells for catapult.
Completely free Catapult Adventure game
Have a Good Game

This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

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Download Catapult Real Challenge (by Gaming Zone LLC)

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