Bowhunting Duel – 1v1 PvP Online Hunting Game”>

Bowhunting Duel – 1v1 PvP Online Hunting Game”>


Bowhunting Duel is the best free hunting game on the mobile? Look no further!

Hunting season has finally begun! Join the race for the title of the best hunter in the world in one of the best animal hunting games! Join the Bowhunting Duel – for free!

Time to dust off your bow & arrows!
Any boy can hunt with a gun, but only a real men hunt with a bow & arrows! Don’t worry, you won’t have to use the old bow of your grandfather, who was killing animals on his farm in Arizona. It’s 21th century and every bow hunting master uses gear like scopes! In Bowhunting Duel it’s not any different!

Duel in 1v1 PvP online game!
Competition is essence of Bowhunting Duel. Choose your gear, pick location, pay the entry fee and… duel in 1v1 PvP online game! It’s really that easy – just enter the game and compete with players from all around the world! Whether hunting in forest or in the Grand Canyon, don’t forget that other players aren’t your only threat – wolves, bears and other wild animals can turn the hunter into prey!

Compete in different locations, hunt for real wild animals
Visit several locations across the whole world and compete with other players online hunting wild animals! Hunt a deer in the forest of Yellowstone Park (USA) or try to snipe a coyote in the Grand Canyon! Unlock other locations and tournaments to duel in 1v1 PvP online mode in such beautiful places like Scotland and New Zealand! Sports games with animal hunting just went global!

Pick your weapon!
Your arrow and bow hunting adventure starts with simple bow and arrow, but it’s usual for sports games! Win duels, earn money and diamonds to unlock new online hunting tournaments and hunting gear! Animal shooting is much easier when you have a fast sport bow! Make clinical shots thanks precisive scopes and sharpened arrows! Surprise your deer hunter fellow with your bow hunting gear and animal killing skill!

Online hunting game in 3D
There are several online hunting games on the mobile store, but what really sets Bowhunting Duel apart from the other animal hunting games is realistic 3D graphics. It’s not only a beautiful vistas of Yellowstone Park forests, Scotland highlands or New Zealand windy mountains, but also hand-crafted gear and wild animals – sometimes you just don’t want to kill this beautiful deer or grizzly bear, but only the strong survives! 1v1 PvP online games were never looking so good!

Bowhunting Duel FEATURES:
🔝1v1 PvP online hunting game. Compete with players from all around the world!
🔝Bow and arrow hunting. Start killing animals like a real men!
🔝Realistic locations. Prepare for hunting safari in such places like Yellowstone Park, Scotland or New Zealand.
🔝Tons of hunting gear to choose. Bows, arrows, scopes… Customize your bow and arrow hunting experience however you like!
🔝Beautiful 3D graphics. Killing animals with bow and arrow never looked so good!
🔝Earn money, diamonds and respect! Buy new hunting gear or bow and arrow upgrades, or… try your luck with chests! You don’t need a chest simulator to get a rare reward!

Become the best hunter in the world by playing Bowhunting Duel! No matter if you’re hunting and killing animals in real life or just like to play sports games, Bowhunting Duel provides you the best experience of free hunting game in your mobile device. Don’t wait any longer – DOWNLOAD NOW and PLAY FOR FREE!

🔜 Leagues! Join local bow and arrow hunting leagues and see who’s the best deer hunter around! Reach the top of the ladder to get special rewards and show off your animal killing gear to other players!

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Download Bowhunting Duel – 1v1 PvP Online Hunting Game”>

Bowhunting Duel – 1v1 PvP Online Hunting Game”>

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