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Blocky Knight – Android download

Blocky Knight is an amazing Blocky zig-zag game, Embark on a great journey through wonderful lands, full of evil monsters to defeat and epic quests to wind up!

Recruit new heroes and discover their awesome powers! Did you always dream of saving the world as a Knight, Panda Samurai or Ganderp The Blue?

Now is your chance! Blocky Knight offers you a full RPG-exploration-runner experience,

Blocky Knight featuring:

* addictive, dynamic gameplay – a typical “git gud” mechanic
* convenient controls – you only need one finger to play this game, which makes it perfect in situations when the other hand is busy taking care of something else (like holding a head of an evil goblin)
* many different worlds to discover, some of them nice and comfy, some of them scary and full of dreadful traps!
* character progression – kill monsters and complete tasks to collect experience and level up!

And one last tip – be careful what you collect during the run!

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