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“Attack on Titan” 100% genuine heritage of the original “Into the Giants” style anime scene! Continuing the attacking giant story, it created a unique battle to discover and attack giant weaknesses and vitality! Add a seamless connection between animation and game interface. And joining the storyline allows you to relive the passion of the giants immediately.
Break the bottleneck of the traditional card and rigid, non-brain flow fighting, realizing the immediate release of skills, perfect restoration of three-dimensional mobile devices to promote!
Designed chasing, guarding a variety of combat modes, and the introduction of scene destruction interaction into the battle, loyal reproduction of the original attack on the walls of the city, the giants of the Great Wall, horseback riding on the prairie, the interior of the building destroyed by the giants and other classic battle scenes!
A game copy of the attacking giant manga layout was set up as a science and technology system of the Haniji Test Field, and a mysterious treasure that opened the gate for an out-of-ground expedition and wall teaching, a dangerous mine in Rostov Zone, etc., was perfectly set with the original book. The combination makes the player feel warm and enhances the player’s sense of substitution.
[Game Features]
※ Original Edition ※
▶ The game is authorized by the Japanese original author, allowing the player to become a member of the Investigation Corps and to compete in the pursuit of various giants, and compete with giants and giant females. The real story is alternated with a copy of the animation. Each chapter is interlocked and the details of the story are perfectly transplanted.
※Work together*
▶ The player and the player together form the strongest squad to fight back the giants and protect humanity’s last hope. Give your heart to mankind.
※ Off-site surveys ※
▶ Reproduce the “ Outside-Ocean Survey ” in the original book “Into The Giants”. Every time you start an off-site survey, the area outside the wall is unknown. In the out-of-wall investigation, you will encounter giants of various difficulties.
※ Humans War*
▶ Human enemies are not only giants, but there are also wars between people. Instant war scenes between players, multiplayer battles between the Corps and the Corps, and competition for control of materials outside the wall.
[warm reminder]
▶ In order to allow you to better experience the game, the game installation package has a large capacity. In order to install the game properly, please ensure that the phone’s memory is greater than 2G.

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