Arena of Arrow – 3v3 MOBA Android/iOS

Arena of Arrow – 3v3 MOBA Android/iOS download

Arena of Arrow is a 3V3 casual MOBA mobile game.Choose your favorite hero with unique superpower and select one game mode to fight for yourself or for your team.

Take it easy! you’re better than you thought. Play with global gamers in quick 3 minutes. Go take your enemies down! Fight for honor!

Arena of Arrow Features :
– 3v3 battle. FAIR PLAY!
You’ll experience an exciting 3v3 battle, Good hero strategy will help your team win easier. Come and jump in a battle immediately, shoot’em all up!
– Various game mode with different battle strategies!
Prefer solo or teamwork? There must be one mode you like best! Gem Grab or Survival? you can’t stop playing!
-Fight till last minute, you never know who’d win.
Don’t loose your faith, one perfect kill will reverse the outcome.You never know.
– Just 3 minutes, anytime, anywhere!
In just 3 minutes, start strong and enjoy battling to the fullest!
– A global server shared, real-time match ensured!
Enjoy yourself joining forces quickly with hundreds of millions of players worldwide!

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Genre(s) : Action
Subcategories : 3v3 MOBA Game
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size: 92 MB
Date Released: 2018-08-24
Platforms: iOS, and Android
Developed By: Play-Kingdom
Languages: English
Requirements: 4.3 and up

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