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3Q VL is the first mobile game to adopt the new full-body combat mode. Impressive HD video, unique gameplay, super-crowded Chinese community. You will play the hero, recruiting brave hero in legends, recruiting harem 18 thousand fine women, fighting the Three Kingdoms, defeating ghosts. Reversing the enemy is key to winning. Handsome is not by pushing – Are you ready to join?

Come to 3QVL game, you will be surprised by the features:
– Generating the Three Kingdoms battlefields are pitfalls, showing the majesty of martial arts, most enemy generals
– Push-and-Push Gameplay is both novel and refined, requiring a perfect combination of player power and intelligence.
– Interaction of the environment in the battle is a breakthrough, fire fighting, marine warfare, 12th way 36 rain storm called extreme polar
– Event features in 3QVL countless: auto attack, boss fight, tower climb, PK arena, inter-server tour
– The community is full of fun, fighting war, fighting fiercely, sticking together long conquer the Three Kingdoms

Push Push! Best of all – Best Tamquoc RPG. Game fun drop, now G points, lets go!

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