Zombie Castaways

70 million players around the world play the game in 15 languages. Download “Zombie Castaways”

Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG)

Gather a team of fighters who survived the Zombie Armageddon. Fight against thousands of the walking dead. Hire heroes with the unique abilities and weapons. Build-up a well-balanced team, experiment with squad formation, power up and upgrade your heroes. Collect and spend your resources wisely. Challenge players from all over the world on the Arena and fight for the survival of the humanity. Download “Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG)”

Left to Survive: Zombie Shooter Survival

Grab your guns and bring your guts to survive the ultimate action-shooter game, Left to Survive. Download “Left to Survive: Zombie Shooter Survival”

Train shooting – Zombie War

Train shooting – zombie war comes with a highly addictive and polished game-play where you get to drive your train and shoot the unending hordes of zombies at the same time. Fire your powerful guns while driving your train to slay super strong zombies and survive till the end. Download “Train shooting – Zombie War”

Police vs Zombie – Action games

It’s a 3D game that you can run on the streets of an open world game and destroy all zombies around! Download “Police vs Zombie – Action games”