Rogue Buddies 3

Maximus; assault and grenade specialist, Smoke; heavy gunner and rocket enthusiast, Duster; silent ninja warrior and Alpha Tech; hacker and drone engineer, are all back for a brand new action quest. This time the team will help each other to fight a mysterious enemy in a hostile environment. All their expertise will be put to test! Download “Rogue Buddies 3”

Darkness and Flame 3 (Full)

There is no one in the world who could return from the Dark Side inviolateā€¦ Going there is the only chance to light the fading flame, though. Download “Darkness and Flame 3 (Full)”

Demon Warrior – Stickman Shadow Action RPG Offline

Demon Warrior Premium offer you: Download “Demon Warrior – Stickman Shadow Action RPG Offline”

Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic

The adventure continues in Legacy 3. Challenge yourself with this 3d point and click adventure game. Enter a hidden temple to discovery a mystery that has taken place there. Solve the puzzles in order to advance – but beware, someone might be watching. Maybe you should have an escape ready? Download “Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic”


A non-stereotypical high score action game with a great number of sounds, Download “Du-Fun”