Bricks material – Bricks puzzle game

Bricks material is remake of one of the best games from the most popular console of the 1990s. Download “Bricks material – Bricks puzzle game”


Puzlogic is a unique and innovative logic puzzle game inspired by Sudoku’s and Kakuro’s (cross sums) rules. Download “Puzlogic”


It was supposed to be a simple mission. All I had to do was collect some samples from a contaminated area under the sea. As soon as I left the ship, everything went wrong. Communications were lost and my submarine crashed on the ocean floor. I survived, but my oxygen is running low and I can’t contact anyone for help. All I can do is move forward with this operations drone as my only companion. Trouble is, it’s been acting sort of weird lately. Almost as if it’s trying to sabotage my mission… Download “Anoxemia”

FarCry New Dawn Unofficial Game

⚔️ Are you able to go to end? 🔫 Download “FarCry New Dawn Unofficial Game”

Jewelry Pop VIP

Jewelry Pop VIP is an AD-FREE and dynamic game with beautiful graphics, where you will experience a new way of puzzle gaming! Download “Jewelry Pop VIP”