Blocky : All in One Block Puzzle

Blocky is a fun and exciting classic hexagon block match puzzle game. Download “Blocky : All in One Block Puzzle”

One Person Story

This game is a personal story. The story in which elements represent life situations. Sometimes we feel pain like the game character destroyed by spikes. Friends always help, the doors stop our movement, and we must think and resolve all difficulties. Download “One Person Story”

Escape the Prison One

You need to help the hero Stick escape from prison. Download “Escape the Prison One”

iPuzzle – Puzzle Game Collection with All in One

iPuzzle is a collection of classic puzzle games in which you can find 18 games. They are Connect Lines, Block Puzzle, Star Popper, Tetris Mania, 2048, Piper, Ball Escape, Alphabet Legend, Hungry Snake and more for you to explore. Download “iPuzzle – Puzzle Game Collection with All in One”

One Stroke Drawing

It’s a great mind challenging game with simple rules, Just try to connect all the dots with only one touch. Make the smart move to cover all the dots. Connect the dots without lifting your finger from the screen. Download “One Stroke Drawing”