The Hunt for the Lost Ship

**Major expansion coming soon with 40 new scenes, and all new map to explore with more puzzles!** Download “The Hunt for the Lost Ship”

Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Welcome to your very own island! Step onto its shores and solve puzzles together with lovable characters to build a beautiful paradise! Download “Lost Island: Blast Adventure”

Lost Journey (Dreamsky)

Dreamsky Games, Just be Happy! Download “Lost Journey (Dreamsky)”

Lost Artifacts: Time Machine

A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroy everything in his path. He wants to return the Priest, the King of Atlantis and the Ancient Emperor so he can use them to create a new world order! Claire and her friends must find out who the villain is and stop him and all his minions. Download “Lost Artifacts: Time Machine”

Lost Lands 6 (Full)

In a new series of “Lost Lands” Susan has to go to the past to try and correct other people’s mistakes. Will she succeed? What problems will she face there? All this can be learned by sinking into the new series of “Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past”. Download “Lost Lands 6 (Full)”