Soccer Royale 2019: Ultimate PvP Soccer Game

Ready to be a soccer star? Welcome to Soccer Royale 2019, the ultimate football clash! In this amazing soccer game you will find the perfect mix between strategy and soccer games. Imagine be the coach of a team and the soccer game player at the same time. Epic matches where you feel yourself like if you are in a battle. Download “Soccer Royale 2019: Ultimate PvP Soccer Game”

Fatal Raid – No.1 Mobile FPS

◆ Sign-up now to Fatal Raid and receive your rewards~! ◆ Download “Fatal Raid – No.1 Mobile FPS”

Returner Zhero – Final Cut

A stunning 3D tactile space mystery puzzle game. Solve alien puzzles in an immersive sci-fi environment with spectacular graphics. Download “Returner Zhero – Final Cut”

PolyDefender – Epic Tower Defense!

PolyTown is under attack! Can you save it? Download “PolyDefender – Epic Tower Defense!”

Gold Miner World Tour

🔅 Dig out and mine the biggest gold veins in a gold rush experience tour! Gold Miner World Tour has the gold miner classic gameplay you know and love and much more! Move your mine cart to the perfect position and launch your Claw at the right moment to dig out gold, gems, diamonds and even mysterious treasure chests! Watch out for boulders and TNT! Download “Gold Miner World Tour”