👾ERROR:THE BIG BROTHER this is unique game! Why? Because even in what game you can: cut, chop, blow up, shred, trample, drown smartphones, laptops and consoles? Download “ERROR:THE BIG BROTHER VIP”


Farabel is a turn-based strategy game where you start at the end of the story; but that’s not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned upside-down. Download “Farabel”

Wings of Virtus

Pilot, fasten your seatbelts and defend the skyline against the enemy intruder! Send the alien motherships back to the galaxy they came from! The Terran Commonwealth is under attack by an aggressive alien species! Download “Wings of Virtus”

Дока 2 Trade

Дока 2. Что такое Дока 2? Это игра, где ты убиваешь зомби и не только самыми изощрёнными способами. Сыграй в Смертельную игру и выживи. А тебя постараются остановить полчища зомби, Волшебники-людоеды, и даже Эльф… В общем, руби, кромсай всех и все, не щади никого и наматывай кишки. У тебя 10 минут, время пошло!Download Дока 2 Trade for free
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Fable is an interactive game for all family. Tell a short story about a mouse in his house. The Children will learn words, letters and numbers. Download “Fable”