Smart Puzzle

Assemble nice photos in this sliding puzzle, compete with your friends on who is faster, A* solver can teach you optimal solution by hints!Download Smart Puzzle for free
Free download Smart Puzzle :

Chompy Spider Premium

You are a Chompy Spider and you are always on the lookout for your next meal. Avoid predators while gathering as much food as possible. Download “Chompy Spider Premium”

Stick Shadow

Stick Shadow fighter Premium offer you: Download “Stick Shadow”

Buggy Land – Adventure of ADIN

– Premium advantage – Download “Buggy Land – Adventure of ADIN”


Fly to a distant horizon teaming with pirates. Arm yourself to the teeth with deadly weapons. Upgrade your ship from leaky tub to terror of the skies! Join the Brigands! Police the airways! Earn your pay! Download “Brigands”