Mosaic: BlipBlop

You will never have a boring second in your life as long as you have BlipBlop installed! BlipBlop is a revolutionary new gaming experience. BlipBlop provides endless of hours of entertainment, it’s simple and accessible, enjoyable for everyone, and it’s completely free! This is the next evolution for players who like tapping and clicker games. Download “Mosaic: BlipBlop”

Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Role Playing Game

METAL SLUG returns, now available as an IDLE RPG! Download “Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Role Playing Game”

Circle – automatic clicker

Tired of clicking on clickers? Then this game is especially for you. Just hold your finger on the screen, earn points, pump, and ahead of your friends. Download “Circle – automatic clicker”

Idle Fish Empire – Clicker & Simulator

CAN YOU CATCH FISH ON MARS? Download “Idle Fish Empire – Clicker & Simulator”

Monster Merger – Evolution Clicker

Monsters Evolution in the addictive idle game! Download “Monster Merger – Evolution Clicker”