Deu a louca nos games

Deu a louca nos games é uma parodia de jogos famosos feito no RPG MAKER. Download “Deu a louca nos games”

G30 – A Memory Maze

G30 – A Memory Maze is a unique and minimalistic take on the puzzle genre, where each level is hand-crafted and meaningful. It’s a story of a person with a cognitive disorder, who is trying to recollect the elusive past – before the disease takes over and everything will fade away. Download “G30 – A Memory Maze”

Zombie GO – A Horror Puzzle Game

⚠️Use your intelligence to run away from zombies.⚠️ Download “Zombie GO – A Horror Puzzle Game”

A lenda dos memes

Você gosta de memes? Download “A lenda dos memes”

Dream Wedding Planner – Dress & Dance Like a Bride

For you, every season is wedding season – because you’re a wedding planner! Help couples in love plan the perfect weddings! Every detail must be just right. You’ve got a lot on your plate – weddings to plan, and couples to keep happy! Think you can do it? Download “Dream Wedding Planner – Dress & Dance Like a Bride”