Durak Cats – 2 Player Card Game

Let a couple of adorable cats shuffle your cards in a brand new Durak Cats – 2 Player Card Game!  Durak Cats is the most exciting version of the most popular Russian card game that you don’t wanna miss! Traditional Durak is now a modern, 1 on 1, online multiplayer card game that gives you an opportunity to win your way to VIP rooms! Download Durak Cats, your next favorite 2 Player card game now! Download “Durak Cats – 2 Player Card Game”

Roller Paint – Splat Puzzle

Roller Paint is a roller of splat game for painting the maze ! Solve the Paint Puzzle ! Download “Roller Paint – Splat Puzzle”

Returner Zhero – Final Cut

A stunning 3D tactile space mystery puzzle game. Solve alien puzzles in an immersive sci-fi environment with spectacular graphics. Download “Returner Zhero – Final Cut”

PolyDefender – Epic Tower Defense!

PolyTown is under attack! Can you save it? Download “PolyDefender – Epic Tower Defense!”

Plasma duct – Premium Game

The game is intended only for the most generous, rich and sophisticated players! Download “Plasma duct – Premium Game”